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PEPPER: A universal spice used for high-taste  and added together with salt for the salty meals. Green pepper goes well with steak and give perfect taste for all kinds of sauces. Pepper generally used as hammered or granulated and removed after cooking. White pepper is good for all kinds of meat, vegetables and light sauces. Benefits:Regulates appetite, increases blood pressure and improves circulation.



A spice obtained from the bark of a green asian tree which has a special fragrance and used for a good flavor in the meals and desserts. Benefits: Cinnamon regulates appetite and gives freshness and prevents hand and foot vibrations and atherosclerosis. It is good for stomach and updominal paints and helps treatment of infected intestines , bad smell, couch and diarrhea. It helps nursing of flue and cold since it increases resistance of body. Cinnamon is very useful for diabetics since it balances the glycemia.


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